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We all want our lives to ripple out - to influence many others for good. When you choose to join the Team that's what will happen. Not everyone qualifies to make this elite team. Those who didn't keep their commitment to be devoted to God's word, to their team members and their coach, didn't make it this far. But you have. Congratulations! You are the kind of devoted team member we want on the Team.

Those on the Team enjoy:
  • Access to each other. You'll enjoy the encouragement and iron-sharpening-iron interactions with your teammates.
  • Access to the Prayer Force. You're not alone. Your teammates are here for you and will pray for you.
  • Access to the Daily Walk. This is the best tool for those who want to really grow and monitor their progress.
  • Access to past Bible studies. You'll have years of Bible book studies to help answer questions and help you.
  • Access to personal coaching. All great athletes and people have coaches. You will have that here too.
You join the Team by setting up either weekly or monthly automated giving. The minimum was $40, but now we are offering all of these benefits to you for minimum gift of only $30 a month or $7 a week. (Many people spend far more than that each week on drive-thru treats, coffee, soft drinks and snacks.) $7 a week - just a dollar a day - a small amount of change. Single moms on the team are giving more than that.

By the way, others here are so grateful for this ministry that they give far more than $30 a month. Some give 1% or 2% of what they make. Others give $100 a month and more. So it's all about what we value and want. I'm glad you value your growth and want to be on this team which is devoted to helping you be fruitful and multiply.

Of course, you can cancel your automated giving at any time and we will still give you TheWord.Online Lite. As explained above, the Lite version will give you access to the daily Bible studies, but not to interactions with teammates or any of the other great tools and benefits this site has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you on the Team as soon as you sign up.

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Plese contact giveback@theword.online if you have any questions about your giving.
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