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Why join TheWord.Online?

TheWord.Online is a multiplying discipleship ministry for those who are faithful and want to fulfill God's mission for them - to be fruitful and multiply. TheWord.Online is devoted to helping you get into God's life-changing word. Its truths transform us. Its promises give us hope. Its declarations give us guidance.

Sadly, many believers struggle big time to be faithful in God's word. Frankly, some don't know where to read or feel what they read is boring or irrelevant. They need help finding the gold in God's word. That's exactly why they need to be in TheWord.Online. Those who've gotten involved rave about it. (Our introductory mini-movie proves that.)

You won't be a lone ranger. Many believers are not frequently connecting with other strong believers. They are stunting their own growth. God's design is that we be in iron sharpening iron relationships. We need to be on a team with other on-fire believers.

As it's been said, "If you want to greatly improve, join a team that will help you to excel." In our fallen condition, it's easy to shy away from God and people, yet restoration and impact come through devoted relationships with God and others in pursuit of God. You'll find that here in TheWord.Online.

So what's unique about TheWord.Online?
  • You are not left alone. You are on a team. (TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.) Monday through Friday, as you join in at whatever time works best for you, you will be able to read the thoughts of teammates from all over the world. Those already involved in this love it.
  • You'll learn so much more than if you just read the Bible on your own. One person said, "I've learned more in three months than three years in church!" Also, when you finish a Bible book, you'll earn a course credit from our Academy of Biblical Studies. Relax, there are no tests, papers, or textbooks. Both new believers and pastors say how much they enjoy it. 15-20 minutes a day is all it takes.
  • You will be given excellent, online Bible study tools and commentaries. In the past, these all would have cost thousands of dollars. They are yours for free when you join us.
  • You will enjoy TheWord.Online; it's not boring. We always have excellent video clips that correspond with the passage. Some are down-right funny and others are very enlightening. Get ready to enjoy your time together in God's word.
  • You will also be given a goldmine of great minimovies and resources to build you up. Plus, if you ever wanted help in sharing the gospel with unbelievers, you'll receive a video tool that is so easy to use. Even a shy gal or guy can use this.
  • You will be helped to apply the Bible to your life. After reading the portion of Scripture and the explanatory comments on it, there are always one or two questions to help you apply the passage to your life. You will be a successful doer of the word.
  • You will earn weekly participation awards. The Bible repeatedly speaks of how God gives out heavenly awards and how we are to honor those who work hard among us. We are just following this biblical example. Because our Lord has also commissioned us to make disciples, you will be honored for each person you invite and who joins this multiplying discipleship ministry.
  • You will have a devoted coach to help you all along the way. Most people do not have a life coach to personally help them. You will here. It is my pleasure to serve you and to help you be fruitful and multiply. Here's a bit of my ministry experience...
    • Mentored and discipled people for over 40 years.
    • BA in Bible and Theology, MA in Biblical Counseling.
    • Have served as a missionary, associate pastor, Bible teacher, Evangelism Explosion trainer.
    • Led children's church, youth groups, young adults and adults groups including support recovery groups, one on one and couples counseling.
    • Married for over 25 years with 3 children all in Christian colleges now.
    • I, Dave Garratt, am yours to serve.
  • TheWord.Online is a great place to mentor/disciple others. There's nothing more important than helping your protege get grounded in God's word. TheWord.Online has proven to be an outstanding place for such. You can see how your proteges are doing on a daily basis. Plus, as they share, they will be encouraged by others. It's not all on you. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • God has a dream for us, a mission for us - to disciple others who can then go and do likewise. TheWord.Online does much of the heavy lifting of the discipling process for you. How? It is the word of God, in the context of the loving people of God, which the Spirit of God uses to mature newer believers. So take advantage of this powerful discipleship tool. Get your proteges into TheWord.Online.
  •   TheWord.Online offers one of the very best personal development systems out there. If you want help on achieving your personal goals, you've come to the right place. The optional use of The Daily Walk will help you greatly.
  • The Word.Online is a great place to make new friends. You will meet people from all over the world. TheWord.Online helps us to be devoted to one another as well to be devoted to God and his word.
But TheWord.Online is not for everyone. Please read our FAQ page before you apply to join the team.

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