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Thanks for your interest in joining the team. I trust you have first read the info on our Home page and the Q&A page. TheWord.Online is a very edifying and encouraging team, but it is not for everyone.

This is a mentoring/discipleship group. So obviously it's not for those who aren't team players, who don't want to be coached, or who are not faithful or eager to learn God's word. But that's not you, I trust.

Everyone starts by going through a powerful mini-course on the grand story of Scripture. It's called The Divine Drama. To pass team tryouts, you simply need to complete the 15 lessons in that Divine Drama mini-course in the first 2 to 3 weeks. (If it takes a person more than 30 days to complete it, we will give them a second chance, but they will have to start all over again.) When you complete The Divine Drama, you will earn an online course completion award from our Academy of Biblical Studies. You'll also qualify for the team and get to jump in with other God-seekers on a journey through a life-transforming book of Scripture. This is going to be a great ride!

We offer you free, lifetime access to TheWord.Online Lite. We also offer a premium service (at just $7 a week) for those who want to take advantage of all the wealth and benefits of joining the team. When you apply, you can enjoy all of the premium Team benefits for free while you are going through The Divine Drama minicourse. Try it out and see which option you wish to take advantage of. But first, do you have what it takes to pass team tryouts?

Here are our 3 key biblical values. We call them the 3 Be's:

  • Be devoted to God and his word. So participate faithfully in God's word with us.
  • Be devoted to one another. You'll get lots of encouragement. Please be a good teammate and reciprocate.
  • Be helpful to your coach. I am devoted to helping you as a new coach in your life. So please respectfully get back to me promptly (within 24 hours) when I reach out to you. Thanks!

Can we count on you to keep those 3 Be's? If so, welcome aboard! All who have faithfully gotten involved in this discipleship ministry have found this group to be such an encouraging place to grow and multiply their life and impact.

To you and each person who joins, I am happily and fully devoted to helping you be fruitful and multiply. I want you to hear the Lord one day say to you, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" Feel free to contact me anytime - 708-543-6544 or info@theword.online.

Your mentor/coach,
Dave Garratt

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